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Product Development Point-Request for a mass production quotation

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I will introduce some important points when requesting for a mass production quotation.

1. A rough estimate… will be expensive

Sometimes it is necessary to be vague about the quotation specifications and ask for a “rough estimate.”

First of all, the reasons might be getting a sense of the overall budget or recognizing the part that requires the most cost. However, although this is good for communication with the selected processing manufacturer, it is not so good when selecting one.

Manufacturers always consider the probability of receiving an order when making an estimate. Thereby the quotation and costs may vary accordingly. In a sense, the word "roughly" is like telling the processing manufacturer, “I'm also considering other places...”. In addition, if the conditions are vague, the estimate will take into account excessive safety values ​​in all factors. Therefore, you will be offered a very high cost.

When requesting for a quotation and considering costs seriously, prepare solid drawings and a specification sheet, explain to the manufacturer, and have them consider the quotation after gaining consent and understanding.

2. Common misunderstanding of a quotation

If the mass production manufacturer is decided as the result of examining the quotation from the manufacturer and the costs have been compromised, a production order for mass production will be issued and a production request will be made. Quality problems are common at the stage of product shipment when mass production has finally started.

“Oh? There’s a scratch like this. This is a defect.”

And you contact the manufacturer and tell them about the details of the defect, you will get an unexpected answer.

“That is not recognized as a defect.”

You will think huh? why? This is due to the fact that you did not first specify the quality specifications and make an estimate. Speaking of the general concept of quality abnormality, for example, both sides are on the same page about damage at the level of complete destruction, but in the case of small scratches or dirt, the manufacturer often does not include it in the estimate conditions unless the conditions are set in the beginning.

As a result, the cost of manufacturing will be higher and higher than the first estimate, so please be careful about that when requesting for a quotation!