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Product Development Point – Conversion from idea to commercialization 1

I will introduce the process from an idea to an actual product.

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A Designer’s Tweet – When walking around the city

I will introduce the mindset of human beings who put themselves in manufacturing from a veteran designer.

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Product Development Point-Request for a mass production quotation

I will introduce some important points when requesting for a mass production quotation.

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The Point of Product Development -Selection of mass production manufacturers

I will introduce the selection criteria for mass production manufacturers.

  1. craftsmanship

Koji Corner-5 points to check a good manufacturing line

How can I check how the manufacturer manages the manufacturing process of my product? This time, I will show you the points to distinguish …

  1. idea
  2. commercialization

The Point of Product Development: Commercialize ideas that come to mind

Here are some important points when keeping ideas.

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The Point of Product Development: Barrier to mass production

I would like to introduce the major difference between prototype and mass production, and the barrier to mass production.